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1-1 Intensive coaching, community based coaching & programming as well free resources for those getting started.

Why Work With ChabFit?

You Deserve The You That You Desire

With our 1-1 Coaching you're taking place in a high touch service, Brent ensures no piece of communication is left out.


Training programs that are specific to your fitness goals and that are updated to ensure consistent growth is made towards them.

Daily Support

Ongoing 1-on-1 support is provided via text & video calls to maintain accountability & motivation, ensuring clients achieve their fitness goals with personalized guidance.


Tailored meal plans with accompanying shopping lists are provided to clients, simplifying their nutrition journey and keeping them on the path to success.

Real People Who Decided It Was Time To Get The Most Out Of Their Lives

Real People Who Decided It Was Time To Get The Most Out Of Their Lives

Meet Your Coach:

Brent Chabassol

With a strong passion for fitness and self-improvement, helping people reach their physical and mindset goals is what I love to do, whether for competitive reasons or purely for lifestyle improvement.

One of the most important key aspects of fitness is mental health. Ensuring that you are in a suitable head space throughout your journey and seeing positive results within all aspects of your life is the priority while working with us.

See What Some Of ChabFit's 1-1 Clients Have to Say

See What Some Of ChabFit's 1-1 Clients Have to Say

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Choose What Path You Will Take

You Have The Option To Work 1-1 , In a Community or For Free..

The Only Option That isn't left is not making the commitment you deserve towards the best version of YOU

Exclusive Fitness Community

ChabFit Club

The ChabFit Club is

1-1 Private Coaching

ChabFit 1-1 With Brent

ChabFit 1-1 coaching consists of..

Resources To Get Started

Guides & Free Group

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If you Need Help Deciding What is Going to Be Best For You And Your Current Goals, Please Book A call Below On Brent's Personal Calendar

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